France Chine International mission

France Chine International mission
to better answer your international expectations

You are expecting to commercialize, communicate on the quality of a product, a service on the French and/or Chinese market, make a market study, a brand awareness study, to create twinning or simply to discover the fundamental of French and Chinese economies, France Chine International can answer to your requests.Thanks to its work experience and abilities both in China and in France, France Chine International is offering you a true expertise working for the success of the project of your company. To achieve France Chine International mission, we use simple and effective methodologies in order to provide you immediate useful and applicable information.


France Chine International (FCI) mission

  1. Our expertise is based on the very operational an collaborative knowledge of French economy, thanks to our local networks, and of course of Chinese economy, our objective being your success in France or in China
  2. Our networks allow us to have a very fast reactivity whatever topics we have to deal with (industry, tourism, sport, culture, university, investment,…), to overcome language (adapted translation),  and cultural issues (knowledge of customs and practises) and to have the best market analysis (availability of targeted intelligence).


The different delegates of France Chine International available in France, but also in China, are at your disposal.



France Chine International endeavours to promote every project to build partnerships that improve sport, culture, tourism, education and economic developments. Please contact us :